PALCI and ConnectNY Partner with Index Data to Adopt ReShare

ReShare has been selected by two consortia, PALCI and ConnectNY, as their resource sharing program. Both organizations are partnering with Index Data for implementation, hosting, and support services, with plans to launch the service in summer 2021.

This adoption expands the prevalence of the ReShare Returnables product in the resource sharing marketplace and further demonstrates that ReShare is meeting a previously unmet need of libraries and consortia.

More details can be found in the Index Data news release.

Election Results for Steering Committee

New At-Large Members

Thanks to the participation of the Project ReShare community, we elected new at-large members to the Steering Committee.

Congratulations to Adam Murray — Executive Director of Marmot Library Network — and Boaz Nadav Manes — University Librarian, Lehigh University —  for their election to the Steering Committee. In addition, Scott Anderson — Information Systems Librarian, Millersville University — will be joining as an ex officio member.

Each new Steering Committee member brings years of experience and will provide valuable insight in the development of Project ReShare, both as a suite of products and a community. We thank all three for their willingness to serve on the Steering Committee.

“I believe that I can bring a valuable perspective to the Project ReShare Steering Committee, one that encompasses the academic and public library worlds, the economic disparities within those worlds, and the role consortia can play in innovation that helps lift all libraries together.”

Adam Murray, Marmot Library Network

“I strongly believe that especially at this time and in this climate, ambitious and collaborative infrastructure projects such as Project ReShare can assist our users to keep our society better informed, safe, and more equitable.”

Boaz Nadav-Manes, Lehigh University

“The library community is in need of a robust, low threshold, flexible and open solution to address effective, efficient and innovative resource sharing amongst participating organizations (not just libraries) in the future. Project ReShare represents that future.”

Scott Anderson, Millersville University

Elected Officers

In addition to electing new at-large members, the Steering Committee elected new officers in the positions of:

  • Chair, Tim McGeary, Duke University
  • Chair-Elect, Nora Dethloff, GWLA
  • Secretary, Adam Murray, Marmot Library Network

Jill Morris — Executive Director of PALCI — will serve as Past Chair. Jill’s commitment and contributions were instrumental in the creation of Project ReShare. Under her leadership, ReShare grew into a sustainable and dynamic community with a structure to continue bringing together more organizations that seek to transform the resource sharing landscape. Thanks to Jill for all of her hard work and steadfast leadership since the foundation of Project ReShare, and we look forward to benefiting from her expertise in your continued role on the Steering Committee.

Thanks also to the Nominating Committee for its stewardship of this election.

  • Emily Decker, University of Alabama
  • Nora Dethloff, GWLA
  • Kelly Farrell, TRLN
  • Hilary Fredette, West Virginia University (Nominating Committee convener)
  • Brian Lin, The Alberta Library
  • Jill Morris, PALCI

Contact with any questions.

Project ReShare: Progress and Expansion

Project ReShare hosted a virtual open meeting on Monday, December 14, 2020, to share project updates with interested colleagues. Nearly 400 people registered for the event. A recording of the meeting is available on the Project ReShare presentations page

ReShare has come a long way from its 2018 beginnings when a small group of librarians began gathering informally to envision a new and open approach to library resource sharing systems that support discovery, fulfillment, and delivery workflows. 

Thanks to members’ investments, the project has evolved from those initial conversations to the release of version 1.1 of ReShare Returnables. 

With your help, we can accomplish even more.  Additional members, and increased investment, will accelerate our progress toward the transformation of resource sharing at a time when that transformation is clearly and acutely needed. 

The minimum financial contribution to join Project ReShare is $1,500. If 200 of the libraries and consortia who participated in the December 14 meeting were to join the community at the minimum contribution level for three years, the project would be infused with $900,000 to support the next phase — development of a product for non-returnables, integration of controlled digital lending (CDL) functionality, and robust and scalable support for multitype consortia. 

Each of these endeavors alone is a worthwhile investment for libraries and consortia. Project ReShare presents the opportunity to help make all of these things happen.

The Project ReShare progress and expansion to date would not have been possible without the support of library and library consortium members who have made contributions in various forms, including developing user stories, user experience, and the software itself; applying subject matter and other expertise; implementing communication and engagement strategies; and investing financial resources. 

We invite all interested parties to invest in the continued success of Project ReShare.  Contact to contribute and to participate in the transformation of resource sharing, for all libraries everywhere. 

Project ReShare Open Community Meeting December 2020

Project ReShare will hold a community meeting open to the public on December 14 from 11:00-12:30 EST. Register here to attend. 

In this meeting, Kelly Farrell, Triangle Research Libraries Network, will talk about how individuals can get involved with Project ReShare and how institutions and consortia can join as members. She will also give an update on Project governance, including the new elections and nominations structure for the Steering Committee.

This community meeting will feature the ReShare Returnables product. Gretchen Gueguen, PALCI, will report on the consortium’s experience so far using Returnables 1.0 in a pilot phase, as well as collaborative efforts to develop integrations and documentation.

Kristen Wilson, Index Data, will give a demonstration of the ReShare Returnables 1.1 release, with a focus on new functionality, and she will talk about the roadmap for the Project in 2021. Attendees not familiar with ReShare are encouraged to watch our previous demos, which can be found at

We hope to see you there!

Please note: Attendance is limited to the first 300 registrants. A recording will be made available at a later date.

News Release – Project ReShare Welcomes Internet Archive and Marmot Library Network

October 26, 2020

Project ReShare is pleased to announce that Internet Archive, a non-profit library, and the Marmot Library Network, a Colorado-based consortium, have joined the project as members.

Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is building a digital library of books, Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. With a mission to “provide Universal Access to All Knowledge,” it provides free access to researchers, historians, scholars, patrons with print disabilities, and the general public. Internet Archive began in 1996 archiving the Internet itself, a medium that was just beginning to grow in use. 

Internet Archive will contribute to Project ReShare expertise and knowledge specifically related to strengthening the community of practice around controlled digital lending (CDL). “As a library that has been running a version of controlled digital lending for more than nine years, it is thrilling to see a group like Project ReShare come together to accelerate and promote this work,” remarked Chris Freeland, Director of Open Libraries, Internet Archive. “We also will continue to  support and promote the work of scholars who have codified CDL through independent publications and legal white papers.” 

Internet Archive released a statement about its commitment to Project ReShare.

A large component of Marmot’s new operational plan is growing the consortium’s involvement in Project ReShare and FOLIO. Marmot aims to be a consortium built on the choice and ownership that comes from involvement in open source solutions. 

“We believe that Marmot’s role as a multi-type library consortium, composed predominantly of public libraries, would provide the ReShare community with valuable insight in both consortial and public library needs,” stated Adam Murray, Executive Director of Marmot Library Network.

Organized by academic, public, and school librarians, Marmot’s original purpose was to create a network located on the Western Slope of Colorado with access to a shared cataloging system. Marmot was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1990.  As a multi-type library consortium with 30 Voting Members and 9 Associate Members, Marmot has evolved in its 35 years of operation, adding services such as workstation and network management, hosting solutions, a digital archive, and a catalog discovery layer. 

As a member of the ReShare community, Marmot has committed $10,000 in membership fees, plus dedicated time from the wide-ranging expertise of Marmot’s staff, including developers.

Project ReShare is pleased to be expanding its community with the inclusion of Internet Archive and Marmot Library Network, working together to transform approaches to resource sharing.


The ReShare Community is a group of libraries, consortia, information organizations and developers, with both commercial and non-commercial interests, who came together in 2018 to create Project ReShare – a new and open approach to library resource sharing. The ReShare Community has a bold vision for building a user-centered, app-based, community-owned resource sharing platform for libraries to set a new standard for how we connect library patrons to the resources and information they require.

For more information, contact

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Media Contact

Lisa Croucher
Triangle Research Libraries Network (TRLN):, Executive Director
Project ReShare:, Communication Team, Chair

Controlled Digital Lending Implementers (CDLI) Forum

The Controlled Digital Lending Implementers (CDLI), of which ReShare is a member, will be hosting its inaugural public conversation about controlled digital lending (CDL) on Wednesday, October 7, 3:00-4:30pm EST.  

The forum will include a brief overview of the Controlled Digital Lending white paper and lightning talks about the various ways libraries and organizations have implemented CDL. Discussion topics will include approaches to creating and supporting a CDL community of practice. All are welcomed to attend. Registration is required in order to receive the Zoom information.  

CDLI was established in April 2020 by a group of collaborating libraries, consortia,  software developers, and resource sharing leaders with a shared goal of implementing controlled digital lending services within their respective communities. 

ReShare at The Charleston Conference 2020

Join Kristina Rose of New York University and Sebastian Hammer of Index Data as they present an innovation session, “Recognizing opportunity: A path forward for controlled digital lending,” at The Charleston Conference on Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 5:20 Eastern Daylight Time.

The presentation will introduce the concept of CDL and explore the viability of its implementation in libraries in terms of risk tolerance and integration into existing workflows. It will describe the work being done by Project ReShare to create a minimum viable product for controlled digital lending, including workflow models, prototypes, and early software demonstrations. Finally, it will explore a long-term vision for CDL in libraries, including consortial CDL models and the establishment of a CDL Implementor’s group to promote collaboration, best practices modeling, and systems interoperability.

The Charleston Conference is an informal annual gathering of librarians, publishers, electronic resource managers, consultants, and vendors of library materials in Charleston, SC, in November, to discuss issues of importance to them all. For more information and registration details, visit

Project ReShare at Access 2020

Join Brian Lin of the The Alberta Library and Kristen Wilson of Index Data as they present “Sharing is caring: Community-led resource sharing from the ground up” at Access 2020 on Friday, October 23, 2020 from 10:05-10:25 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time.

This presentation will include a demo of the platform as well as discussion of the project’s guiding principles and future goals. The presenters will also describe how the project partners are working to improve the resource sharing experience for library users and staff with a focus on a recent pivot to digital delivery in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, made possible through the community development process.

Access is Canada’s premier library technology conference bringing librarians, technicians, developers, programmers, and managers together to discuss cutting-edge library technologies. Access is a single stream conference featuring in-depth analyses, panel discussions, lightning talks, hackfest, and plenty of time for networking and social events. For more information and registration details, visit

News Release – Project ReShare announces 1.0 software release

August 26, 2020

Project ReShare announces the release of ReShare Returnables 1.0, the first production software to come out of the open source, collaborative community. The Returnables software represents the first step in ReShare’s goal of creating a consortial resource sharing system that will enable sharing of the collective collection in all formats, regardless of integrated library system, and empowering library-driven and user centered workflows. 

ReShare Returnables supports interlibrary loan of physical materials between members of a consortium. The software, built using the open source FOLIO platform, uses an app-based approach to resource sharing workflows. The apps that make up the 1.0 release include a member directory, queues to manage requesting and supplying workflows, and a bulk update tool. A shared inventory app allows ReShare libraries to pool their bibliographic metadata for discovery and fulfillment purposes. More information about the Returnables product and a video demonstration can be found at

“As libraries face increasing pressure to share resources, the release of ReShare Returnables 1.0 represents a huge step forward in transforming the library resource sharing marketplace,” said ReShare Steering Committee Chair Jill Morris. “For many years, commercially available options have struggled to keep pace with libraries’ and users’ expectations. ReShare’s open source nature empowers groups of libraries to innovate and collaborate toward building truly collective collections, with the ability to share our disparate holdings and materials in a cost-controlled, system-agnostic, and user-centric way.”

Development of ReShare Returnables has been focused on standards compliance and interoperability. The software is the first consortial implementation of the ISO 18626 protocol for interlibrary loan transactions, and use of this standard positions the ReShare system for seamless communication with other protocol-compliant systems. ReShare Returnables also takes advantage of  the NCIP and Z39.50 standards supported by many local library management systems to create local integrations and reduce duplicate workflows. 

ReShare Returnables integrates with the VuFind discovery tool for an out-of-the-box consortial search experience for library users. ReShare users will also have the option to ingest metadata from the shared inventory into their existing commercial or local discovery environments, allowing them to offer users a single point of access for library and consortial requests.

“This is a tremendously exciting milestone,” said Sebastian Hammer, co-founder of Index Data, the lead software developers on the project. “Project ReShare breaks new ground in so many different areas: in its modular architecture; in its strong commitment to open standards and breaking down boundaries between consortia and platforms; and, most importantly, in its nature as a community-owned good. I believe that Project ReShare should inspire other groups of libraries and vendors to innovate together.  It has been a privilege to be a citizen in the community so far, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.”

With the 1.0 release completed, the ReShare development team will continue to work on Returnables functionality, with the goal of releasing versions 1.1 and 1.2 in October 2020 and January 2021, respectively. As a member of the Controlled Digital Lending Implementers (CDLI) group, ReShare has begun concurrent development of a minimal viable product to support controlled digital lending within the ReShare platform, expected in late fall 2020.


The ReShare Community is a group of libraries, consortia, information organizations and developers, with both commercial and non-commercial interests, who came together in 2018 to create Project ReShare – a new and open approach to library resource sharing. The ReShare Community has a bold vision for building a user-centered, app-based, community-owned resource sharing platform for libraries to set a new standard for how we connect library patrons to the resources and information they require.

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