Project ReShare Announces Newest Development Effort: ReShare Digital

ReShare Digital

As the demand for digital resources surges, libraries face mounting challenges in providing library users with equitable access to the collections they need while navigating budgetary constraints. Enter ReShare Digital, an extension of the highly regarded open source ReShare platform, embraced by over 150 libraries and five consortia across the U.S., and growing!

ReShare is proud to announce its work on ReShare Digital, where we’re reshaping the landscape of lending in libraries with a new and comprehensive suite of digital lending tools. ReShare’s Member Organizations voted and prioritized ReShare Digital’s software development efforts in early 2024, with an early focus on eBook ILL and digital book chapter delivery, expanding on ReShare’s non-returnable and Controlled Digital Lending functionality that was previously developed.

This new suite of tools will empower libraries to lend digital materials on their terms, from traditional document delivery to cutting-edge Controlled Digital Lending (CDL). Through strategic partnerships and a commitment to ISO 18626 standards, we’re revolutionizing how libraries will share and access digital content to completely transform the availability of such resources to our users.

Join us in shaping and supporting the future of patron-centered library lending, where collaboration, innovation, and community-owned and -driven software converge. Become part of ReShare Digital now!