Check out the ReShare roadmap to learn about new features we will be deploying in upcoming releases. The roadmap is the most up-to-date resource for learning about both scheduled and unscheduled development of ReShare.

The subpages linked below offer additional context about focal areas of ReShare’s development.

ReShare Shared Inventory

ReShare Shared Inventory allows a group of libraries to contribute each member’s bibliographic and holdings metadata to a central repository. The Shared Inventory works with ReShare Returnables to support consortial discovery and fulfillment workflows, and integrations are planned for other ReShare services.
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ReShare Returnables

ReShare Returnables supports requesting and supplying of physical materials between libraries. The ReShare returnables suite of software includes a directory of participating libraries, apps to manage requesting and supplying of resources, and a bulk update app to process multiple requests quickly.
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ReShare Controlled Digital Lending

ReShare is working on a Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) minimum viable product that will support workflow management and interactions with local library management systems, and rely on external tools for scanning and digital rights management. Our roadmap for CDL works toward a production release and consortial support.
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ReShare Non-Returnables

ReShare Non-Returnables is a planned service that will support the delivery of articles, book chapters, and other portions of whole works that can be supplied via electronic delivery. It will extend many aspects of the existing ReShare suite including load balancing algorithms, ISO 18626 messaging, interoperability with local library systems, and document storage and delivery.
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