ReShare Integrations

For the ReShare software to be as successful as possible, it’s vital that our software integrates with commonly-used tools in the resource sharing space. This page provides an overview of desired ReShare integrations and their current statuses. Updates will be added as more information becomes available.

If you are a software provider and are interested in collaborating with ReShare, please contact

ILS Integrations

ReShare works with many integrated library systems (ILS) to help streamline workflows. Current ILS integrations include:

  • Z39.50 integration: ReShare performs a real-time availability check via Z39.50 when a request is assigned to a supplier and automatically responds to the request based on the outcome.
  • NCIP integration: ReShare uses NCIP to reduce duplication of effort. Using NCIP, ReShare can validate patron status, check out and check in materials, create temporary item records, and place holds.

Supported ILS integrations

  • Aleph
  • Alma
  • Koha (Coming June 2021)
  • Millennium (Coming June 2021)
  • Sierra
  • Symphony
  • TLC (Coming June 2021)
  • Voyager (Coming June 2021)
  • WorldShare Management Services (WMS)

ReShare will continue to add new integrations based on the needs of committed implementers.

Atlas Systems: ILLiad

ReShare has been engaging in active discussions with Atlas regarding the design and specifications for multiple avenues of integration with ILLiad. These include:

  • Server-side add-on: An ILLiad server side add-on will allow requests submitted to ILLiad to be pushed into ReShare for sourcing within a consortium. Requests may be managed in either ILLiad or ReShare.
  • Client-side add-on: An ILLIad client-side add-on will allow users to interact with the ReShare system from within the ILLiad interface and manually create new ReShare requests.
  • ILLiad as lender of last resort: This functionality within the ReShare system will allow libraries to designate ILLiad as a lender of last resort and push requests that cannot be sourced within the consortium to another ILL service via ILLiad.

Ex Libris: Rapido and Alma

ReShare has begun initial discussions with Ex Libris regarding integration with Rapido for resource sharing and Alma for holdings management. Next steps include defining and prioritizing use cases to help determine the most useful starting point for developing integrated workflows.

OCLC: WorldShare ILL and Tipasa

ReShare has had brief discussions with OCLC regarding the possibility of developing integrations based on the ISO18626 protocol. These discussions will begin once both organizations feel their implementations of the protocol have reached a sufficient level of maturity.