Product Demo (ReShare Returnables)

Demo videos

We are working on a recent demo videos for ReShare Returnables and we plan to post those here soon. In the meantime, the videos below provide an overview of earlier versions. Stay tuned for things to come!

Demo sites

If you want to dive deeper, our demo sites provide access to a ReShare test environment where you can explore the process of placing and filling requests.

Because ReShare is a peer-to-peer resource sharing network, you’ll need to access multiple systems to see the environment working fully. We have provided a VuFind site where users can place requests, along with ReShare tenants for two fictional universities so that users can pass requests back and forth.

Note that, at this time, this demo is not integrated with any local library systems so all actions will need to be performed manually.

See our demo script for an initial testing suggestion.

For questions or to report a problem with this demo, please contact

North University


Username: north
Password: north


Username: north_test
Password: northtest1325

South University


Username: south
Password: south


Username: south_test
Password: southtest1325