Become a Project ReShare Member

Project ReShare offers membership options to individual libraries, consortia, and commercial service providers interested in advancing our goal for the development of an open, community-owned resource sharing infrastructure.

Members play a critical role in bringing this open source software to market and shaping the Community’s trajectory as a disruptive and innovative force for open, standards-based, user-centered resource sharing services in libraries.

With the support and collaboration of members, we believe we can transform resource sharing, focus on our collective user needs and build innovative tools and business models that work for libraries and consortia. Your membership allows you to become a partner in project governance with a voice in ensuring that ReShare meets the needs of this community. Your membership dollars will be used to establish ReShare as a resource sharing service option for libraries and consortia and ensure the long-term sustainability of this project.

Benefits of Becoming a Member

Project ReShare membership includes:

  • Opportunity to influence software development roadmap and community direction through member feedback forums;
  • A voting representative for your library, consortium or organization, with the opportunity to be elected to leadership roles in community governance;
  • Inclusion on the Project ReShare website with your organization’s name, logo, and URL;
  • Early access to software testing/development partner opportunities;
  • Access to discounts from Certified Service Providers for ReShare-related services; and
  • Access to discounted registration costs for ReShare community meetings.

How to Become a Member

Membership fees are described below. Additionally, potential members can propose expertise, developer time, or other forms of contribution to the Community in lieu of monetary contributions. We identified some skills needed, but we are also open to ideas not listed here. Reach out to with questions about alternative forms of contribution.

Library Membership

Minimum fee of $1,500 per year, with a 3-year commitment*

  • Year 1 – $1,500/institution
  • Year 2 – $1,500/institution
  • Year 3 – $1,500/institution

Consortium Membership

Suggested minimum* first year membership fee of $1500 per member library, followed by $3,500 per year in years 2 and 3.

  • Year 1 – $1,500 x number of member libraries
  • Year 2 – $3,500/consortium
  • Year 3 – $3,500/consortium

Recognizing that consortial sizes and budgets vary greatly, we are open to discussing alternatives to this suggested minimum monetary contribution.

Commercial Members

In addition to benefits for all members, commercial partners and service providers that become members have the advantage of working directly with customers and end-users with the opportunity to become a Certified Service Provider.

We are seeking commercial or non-profit service providers who share the project vision and demonstrate a commitment to ReShare community values to become members. Commitments may take the form of monetary contributions, software developer time or other contributions.

Minimum* monetary commitment requirements for commercial partners and service provider applicants are based on current project needs and available resources. Please contact for details.

*We indicated minimum commitments necessary to support the long-term success of this project. Contributions at higher levels are welcome and encouraged.  If your organization requires flexibility in membership pricing or payment terms, please contact us.

Apply for Membership

To become a member, please contact with:

  1. Statement of Interest describing your organization’s desire to join this community;
  2. Statement of Commitment describing your organization’s contribution to Project ReShare. Include any monetary commitments (e.g. member fee), development resources, and/or other commitments you propose to be considered as part of your application;
  3. Description of your organization; and
  4. Primary contact information for your application.

After receiving your application, the Steering Committee will review the request for membership, along with a review of submitted statements of interest and commitment. All applications recommended by the Steering Committee will be put out to the ReShare Member Community for comment and a vote.