Become a Project ReShare Member

ReShare announced its new membership and dues model in 2023, which was created by the ReShare Steering Committee to inform FY23-24 and FY24-25 dues.

The modifications to ReShare’s dues and membership benefits aim to recognize and reward project champions, foster a balanced influence aligned with investment levels, and support the sustainability of our project.

Key features of the new membership dues structure include:

  1. Multiple levels of membership
  2. Categories based on organization type
  3. Equitable influence
  4. Software development and maintenance fundraising campaigns for realistic development pathways
  5. Regular voting for product enhancement cycles
  6. Allocation of points for centrally-funded development

Apply for Membership

To become a member, please contact with:

  1. Statement of Interest describing your organization’s desire to join this community;
  2. Statement of Commitment describing your organization’s contribution to Project ReShare. Include any monetary commitments (e.g. member fee), development resources, and/or other commitments you propose to be considered as part of your application;
  3. Description of your organization; and
  4. Primary contact information for your application.

After receiving your application, the Steering Committee will review the request for membership, along with a review of submitted statements of interest and commitment. All applications recommended by the Steering Committee will be put out to the ReShare Member Community for comment and a vote.