ReShare Shared Inventory

ReShare Shared Inventory allows a group of libraries to contribute each member’s bibliographic and holdings metadata to a central repository. The ReShare software matches and deduplicates records and creates master records that are associated with the holdings for each contributing library. The Shared Inventory can be used in conjunction with ReShare Returnables to support consortial discovery and fulfillment workflows.

The roadmaps for ReShare Controlled Digital Lending and ReShare Non-Returnables include plans to use the Shared Inventory to support the sourcing of documents and centralization of scanned artifacts. Shared Inventory metadata may also be repurposed in the future to support other collective initiatives such as shared print repositories or collaborative collection development.


ReShare Shared Inventory 1.1 – November 30, 2020

  • Create dedicated matchkey field
  • Contribute changes to Inventory back to the FOLIO code repository

Future Releases

The following features have been identified as priorities, but have not yet been scheduled for a release:

  • ReShare app to manage data loading
  • Staging area for incoming shared inventory data
  • Cascading match points for shared inventory records
  • Validity checks matched records
  • Harvest and store item availability
  • Share holdings across multiple consortia