ReShare Controlled Digital Lending

Controlled digital lending (CDL) is the process of digitizing a physical item, making it inaccessible, and lending a secure electronic copy in its place. ReShare has defined requirements for a CDL minimum viable product that will support workflow management and interactions with local library management systems, and rely on external tools for scanning and digital rights management. We are also working to define a future roadmap for CDL that works toward a production release and consortial support.


REShare CDL Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – TBD

ReShare plans to develop a minimum viable product to support initial testing of and experimentation with controlled digital lending. This release will be scoped to support CDL within a single library.

  • Allow patron to select electronic fulfillment option
  • CDL request type and state model
  • CDL metadata enrichments
  • Mediated review process
  • Pull slips
  • Real-time availability checking
  • Local ILS integrations
  • Associate documents with a request
  • Deliver access details to patrons
  • Handle expired requests

REShare CDL Phase 2 – TBD

Phase 2 will introduce enhancements to the MVP that support production workflows.

  • Allow patron to select book chapter or whole book
  • Unmediated review process
  • Route rejected requests to ILLiad
  • Waitlist
  • CDL loan rules
  • Expire unclaimed documents

ReShare CDL Phase 3 – TBD

Phase 3 will support consortial CDL by leveraging the ReShare Shared Index to centralize storage and retrieval of scanned documents. Phase 3 will also use ISO 18626 messaging to facilitate requesting between libraries.

  • Enrich the ReShare Shared Index with CDL metadata including references to scanned documents
  • Enrich the request mediation process to use consortial availability
  • Provide file storage within ReShare
  • Support CDL messaging between libraries