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Project ReShare offers various  opportunities for libraries, consortia, service providers, and other organizations to engage with the project and further its efforts to create a sustainable, open source, user-centered resource sharing platform for libraries. Learn more about our current members.

It is important to note that “Project Reshare” is both the name of the product and also the name of our community. It is an organization designed “for us, by us” and promotes collaboration toward developing user-friendly solutions for resource sharing. The project grows from this  engagement by members’ active participation in this grassroots-style platform development. The resulting product expedites access to information, housed at numerous member institutions, in a way that has been designed by the members with their needs guiding the design process.

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Project ReShare members can join working groups focused on a variety of ReShare community needs. If you are interested in joining these groups, please reach out to

Learn about Project ReShare’s history, organizational structure, and more.

Group NameDescription
Communication TeamResponsible for developing and implementing a strategy to communicate with libraries, consortia, vendors, and developers about Project ReShare.
Community Engagement TeamOrganizes and mobilizes the Project ReShare community through a number of functions including new member on-boarding, supporting a leadership pipeline, and coordinating with other groups to surface community needs and seek collaborators. The team strives to create a diverse community empowered to be involved in Project ReShare and ready to contribute with clearly identified engagement opportunities.
Product Management TeamTakes primary responsibility for the internal activities of ReShare application development. Its members manage the scope of the ReShare project, agree upon development priorities at the feature level, set the final content of each release, and strive to create a cohesive and transparent working environment for project participants.
Development TeamResponsible for determining software architecture, writing code, establishing code quality guidelines, and packaging and production of software. It also works closely with the Product Management Team and UX designers to ensure that ReShare is implemented according to the vision of its stakeholders.
Subject Matter ExpertsResponsible for providing input into the detailed functional requirements and user stories that drive the project. These on-the-ground practitioners help the product owner and developers understand and implement the needs of real users. Subject matter experts are called upon to collect user stories and requirements, give feedback on designs, and test software. The project may form time-limited subject matter expert teams to address particular areas of work as needed.

Technical Skills Needed

We are seeking community contributions for the positions below. Desired qualifications, estimated time commitments and more information can be found on the wiki. If any community members are able to supply people who possess these skills please contact the

Back-end DeveloperReShare seeks back-end development resources to to develop resource sharing workflows in accordance with the ISO18626 protocol and integrations with tools such as library management systems, shipping providers, and DRM software. ReShare is built using the FOLIO platform.
Front-end DeveloperReShare seeks front-end development resources to create staff-facing user interfaces within the ReShare system. ReShare uses the FOLIO project’s Stripes toolkit as its UI framework.
HTML/CSS DeveloperReShare is looking for someone to style complex user interfaces using HTML and CSS. We have a set of prototypes to work from, but need help in refining and implementing these designs. This is an opportunity for a creative developer who’s interested in influencing the direction of the ReShare staff interface.
WordPress Consultant or Developer ReShare is seeking assistance with development of our WordPress web site. We are interested in transitioning to a new WordPress theme with increased functionality and flexibility. We welcome both consultation and technical contributions.