ReShare Returnables

ReShare Returnables supports requesting and supplying of physical materials between libraries. The 1.0 release is focused on no-cost resource sharing between members of consortia or other groups with reciprocal lending agreements. The ReShare returnables suite of software includes a directory of participating libraries, apps to manage requesting and supplying of resources, and a bulk update app to process multiple requests quickly.



ReShare Returnables 1.1 – October 30, 2020

After the MVP release, ReShare will continue to develop new features to support consortial lending of returnables, with a focus on the needs of early implementers.

  • Block requesting of locally available items
  • Ability to attach more than one item to a request
  • Create patron accounts, individually and in bulk
  • ILS integrations: WorldShare Management Services, Sierra

ReShare Returnables 1.2 – January 31, 2021

This release will include additional features needed by our early implementers.

  • Consortial availability display in discovery
  • Submit requests via staff interface
  • Patron account user interface and API
  • Pull slip configuration options
  • ILS integrations: TBD

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