ReShare Returnables

ReShare Returnables supports requesting and supplying of physical materials between libraries. The 1.0 release is focused on no-cost resource sharing between members of consortia or other groups with reciprocal lending agreements. The ReShare returnables suite of software includes a directory of participating libraries, apps to manage requesting and supplying of resources, and a bulk update app to process multiple requests quickly.


RESHARE RETURNABLES 1.3 – July 31, 2021

This release will include additional features needed by our early implementers.

  • Attach more than one item to a request
  • Real-time availability display in discovery services
  • Prevent requests of locally available items
  • ILS integrations – Millennium, TLC, Voyager
  • Manage patron types
  • Allow/block requests by patron type
  • Patron account management
  • Patron account API
  • Patron account display in VuFind

ReShare Returnables 1.4 – October 31, 2021

Reserved for stability, bug fixes, and priority enhancements for early implementers.

Future Development

The following features have been identified as development priorities, but have not yet been scheduled.

  • Loan rules
  • Auto-forward requests
  • Waitlists
  • Claim lost items
  • Recalls
  • Renewals
  • Route requests across multiple consortia
  • Anonymized lending
  • Create and manage shipments
  • Box and Unbox apps for bulk shipment processing
  • Integration with shipping providers
  • Consortial management portal
  • Request routing by group

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