Below is a select list of presentations about Project ReShare given by various members of our community.


  • Project ReShare Community Meeting – October 19, 2023. Project updates, demos, and roadmap, with Debra Denault and Allen Jones. Slides; Video
  • Project ReShare Community Meeting – September 14, 2023. Recent retreats and outcomes; governance and provisional structures, futures planning, roadmap, finance task force. Slides ; Video
  • Project ReShare Community Meeting – March 20, 2023. Presentations by Jill Morris (on Certified Service Providers, Code of Conduct, and MOU), Donna Bacon (on MOBIUS implementation), Nora Dethloff (on ReShare financials), Debra Denault (on ReShare Returnables and CDL), and Allen Jones (on Subject Matter Experts). Slides; Video


  • Project ReShare Community Meeting – May 26, 2021. Presentations by Tim McGeary, Kristen Wilson, Sean Cwiek, Adam Olsen, Joel Marchesoni, Matthew Reidsma, and Blake Graham-Henderson. Slides; Video 1 (Returnables 1.2 demo); Video 2 (discussion and lightning talks).


  • Project ReShare Community Meeting – December 14, 2020. Presentations by Kristen Wilson, Jill Morris, Kelly Farrell, Gretchen Gueguen, and Allen Jones. Video.
  • CNI Spring 2020 Meeting. – March 2020. Presentation by Scott Garrison, Tim McGeary, and Sebastian Hammer. Video.
  • Texas Library Association Annual Conference, Houston, TX — April 2020. Presentation by Nora Dethloff and Kristen Wilson. Conference was canceled due to COVID-19, but slides are available here.
  • Print Archive Network Forum, ALA-MW, Philadelphia, Pa. — January 24, 2020. Presentation by Jill Morris. Google Slides.
  • WOLFcon 2020, College Station, TX. — January 2020. Presentation by Nora Dethloff, Sebastian Hammer, and Anne E. McKee. Google slides


  • The Charleston Conference, Charleston, SC. — November 2019. Presentation by Nora Dethloff, Sebastian Hammer, and Anne E. McKee. Google slides
  • ReShare Basics – August 2019. Google Slides 
  • Colorado Interlibrary Loan Conference, Westminster, CO. — May 2019. Presentation by Nora Dethloff and Sebastian Hammer. Google slides
  • FOLIO Forum online webinar series. — April 2019. Presentation by Jill Morris, Kurt Munson, and Kristen Wilson. Video.
  • Code4Lib, San Jose, CA. — February 2019. Presentation by Jill Morris and Kristen Wilson. Video.