Development Governance Task Group

In response to expanding interest in Project ReShare and increased adoption of ReShare products, a Development Governance Task Group (DGTG) was formed to guide the development of ReShare products.

Primary Functions

  • Create a transparent and member-driven procedure for prioritizing and resourcing development goals and support requirements that come from various sources, including current users, implementations-in-process, future implementers, and market indicators
  • Create procedures for seeking community feedback on development priorities
  • Establish methods and metrics for estimating development costs and impact
  • Establish user story content
  • Identify roles, responsibilities, and decision-making authority for project management
  • Create a process to guide Certified Service Provider (CSP) prioritization of ReShare implementer support issues in order to determine further community input or action
  • Produce a governance document for existing and prospective members that guides development 

The GDTG will produce the aforementioned governance document, for approval by the Steering Committee, in early 2023.


The Task Group is composed of the Executive Committee, leadership of the CSPs, and key leaders from ReShare’s project management infrastructure.