Product Management Team

Product Management (PM) Team Charge
The Project ReShare Product Management Team takes primary responsibility for the internal activities of ReShare development. The team manages the scope of the ReShare project, agrees upon development priorities at the feature level, sets the final content of each release, and strives to create a cohesive and transparent working environment for project participants.

Primary Functions
The Product Management Team is specifically responsible for:

  • Developing and maintaining the ReShare product roadmap
  • Making major decisions related to product functionality and priorities
  • Chartering subject matter expert (SME) groups to assist with targeted areas of development
  • Ensuring member institutions’ participation in each SME group
  • Coordinating the work of ReShare community development partners
  • Representing the needs of their partner organizations within the ReShare project
  • Liaising with their partner organizations to provide regular project updates and make requests for feedback
  • Reporting back to the Steering Committee with updates and requests for feedback

Each participating ReShare partner may appoint one member to the Product Management Team. Team members explicitly represent their organization in decisions about development priorities and the shared disposition of project resources.

PM Team Roster:

  • Kurt Munson, Chair (Northwestern University)
  • Nora Dethloff (University of Houston)
  • Ian Ibbotson (Knowledge Integration)
  • Allen Jones (The New School)
  • David Larsen (University of Chicago)
  • Brian Lin (The Alberta Library)
  • Kristina Rose (New York University)
  • Sydney Thompson (North Carolina State University)
  • Kristen Wilson (Index Data)

More information can be found on the team’s wiki space.