Product Committee

The Product Committee coordinates the ReShare products’ development strategy with Development Committee, the subject matter experts (SMEs), and the ReShare Steering Committee (the Product Sponsor).

It is responsible for recommending priorities and a proposed schedule of features and improvements to be developed for the ReShare platform (the “roadmap”). This high-level strategy map is then presented to the steering committee for approval (together with resource and funding estimates) as a guide for the development and communication teams.

The Product Committee also works with SMEs, project managers, and the Development Committee to document and revise the product roadmap as work is completed or requires additional time.  

The Product Committee is the main coordination team for ReShare implementers for enhancement and enrichment of ideas to improve the product. The Product Commitee directly manages the process of gathering feedback from ReShare implementers (users), and supports the communication and prioritization of ideas for enhancements to improve the product. 

Finally, the Product Committee identifies high-level tasks, milestones, dependencies, and deliverables, while staying up-to-date on developments and trends in resource sharing. The Product Committee may also identify development partners/collaborators as project needs require.


Each participating ReShare partner may appoint one member to the Product Committee. Committee members explicitly represent their organization in decisions about development priorities and the shared disposition of project resources.

  • Gerri Moeller, Co-Convener, Minitex
  • James Robinson, Co-Convener, IPLC
  • Renee Bosman, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
  • Tom Bruno, Princeton University, Liaison to SME Team
  • Debra Denault, Index Data
  • Michael Edward, Duke University
  • Sae Ra Germaine, CAVAL
  • Marc Hoffeditz, BLC
  • Allen Jones, The New School, Liaison to SME Team
  • Maccabee Levine, Lehigh University
  • Dawn Mick, Iowa State University
  • Mia Partlow, North Carolina State University
  • Carl Piraneo, PALCI
  • Kate Wenger, Chatham University