Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides comprehensive oversight for the ReShare community and is responsible for setting the strategic roadmap, arbitrating resource allocation and commitment, and managing risk and funding for the Community efforts.


  1. Tim McGeary, Chair (Duke University)
  2. Scott Anderson, ex officio (Millersville University)
  3. Lynn Bailey, ex officio (Index Data)
  4. Tom Bruno (University of Pennsylvania)
  5. Lisa Croucher (Triangle Research Libraries Network)
  6. Nora Dethloff, Chair Elect, (Greater Western Library Alliance)
  7. Kelly Farrell, ex officio (Triangle Research Libraries Network)
  8. Scott Garrison (Midwest Collaborative for Library Services)
  9. Sebastian Hammer (Index Data)
  10. Ian Ibbotson (Knowledge Integration)
  11. David Larsen (University of Chicago)
  12. Brian Lin (The Alberta Library)
  13. Jill Morris, Past Chair (PALCI)
  14. Kurt Munson (Northwestern University)
  15. Adam Murray, Secretary (MARMOT)
  16. Boaz Nadav Manes (Lehigh University)
  17. James Robinson, ex officio (PALCI)
  18. Kristen Wilson (Index Data)
  19. Joe Zucca, ex officio (University of Pennsylvania)

Past Members

  • Joni Blake (GWLA)
  • Ben Heet (Triangle Research Libraries Network)
  • Heidi Nance (Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation)
  • Sydney Thompson (North Carolina State University)
  • Cathy Wilt (PALCI)
  • Michael Winkler (Open Library Foundation, OLE Partners)