Steering Committee

ReShare Steering Committee provides comprehensive oversight for the ReShare community and is responsible for setting the strategic roadmap, arbitrating resource allocation and commitment, and managing risk and funding for the Community efforts.


  1. Charlie Barlow, Co-Chair (Boston Library Consortium)
  2. Ginny Boyer, Co-Chair (Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation)
  3. Kristin Calvert, Treasurer (Western Carolina Library Network)
  4. Sebastian Hammer (Index Data)
  5. David Larsen (University of Chicago)
  6. Boaz Nadav Manes (Lehigh University)
  7. Scott Anderson, ex officio (Millersville University)
  8. Lynn Bailey, ex officio (Index Data)
  9. Debra Denault, ex officio (Index Data)
  10. Allen Jones, ex officio (The New School)
  11. Jill Morris, ex officio (PALCI)