Subject Matter Experts (SME) Group

Subject Matter Experts are responsible for determining the detailed functional requirements and user stories that will drive the project. The team is made up of resource sharing librarians with deep expertise in day-to-day workflows and a vision for how this area of librarianship can be evolved.

This group worked intensively for the first eighteen months of the ReShare project, determining requirements, reviewing prototypes, and providing feedback to the development team. At this time, the group is no longer meeting regularly, but the members remain active in the project and may be called upon from time to time to give feedback on specific topics.

Group Members:

  • Allen Jones, Chair (The New School)
  • Emily Batista (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Jessica Bower (Yale University)
  • Melissa Eigmy Brown (University of Minnesota)
  • Peter Collins (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Hilary Fredette (West Virginia University)
  • Geneva Holliday (University of North Carolina)
  • Lashanda Howard-Curry (University of Chicago)
  • Filip Jakobsen (Samhæng)
  • Demian Katz (Villanova University)
  • Andrea Loigman (Duke University)
  • Kurt Munson (Northwestern University)
  • Mia Partlow (NC State University)
  • Mike Paxton (IUPUI)
  • Ruth Tillman (Penn State University)
  • Kristin Walker (UT-Austin)
  • Kristen Wilson (Index Data)
  • Zheng Ye (Lan) Yang (Texas A&M University)