Subject Matter Experts (SME) Committee

The SME Committee is made up of resource-sharing librarians with deep expertise in day-to-day workflows and a vision for how this area of librarianship can improve and evolve. These on-the-ground practitioners help the product owner and developers understand and implement the needs of library users and are familiar with technical requirements, professional standards, and the business/functional requirements of staff operating the software. 

The subject matter experts group works on technical and functional requirements of larger groups of functionality recognized by the Product Team to be important to the ReShare community.  The subject matter experts are responsible for breaking larger tasks down into smaller, achievable development tasks and creating user stories for each development task.  

Requirements are gathered through member expertise, practitioner interviews, and in-person observation tasks or workflows and practices. 

Enhancements may be reviewed by SMEs before community voting 

Group Members:

  • Allen Jones, New School, Co-Convener
  • Tom Bruno, Princeton University, Co-Convener
  • Erin Nettifee, Duke University
  • Hilary Fredette, West Virginia University
  • James Robinson, IPLC, Liaison to Product Group
  • Jessica Bower, Yale University, 
  • Kyle Triska, University of Minnesota
  • Lashanda Howard-Curry, University of Chicago
  • Luisa Cywinski, Villanova University
  • Mark Canney, Lehigh University
  • Matt Niehoff, University of Minnesota
  • Mia Partlow, North Carolina State University
  • Vickie Spencer, North Carolina Central University
  • Zheng Y Yang, Texas A&M University
  • Melissa Eighmy Brown, University of Minnesota
  • Demian Katz, Villanova University
  • Amber Billey, Bard College
  • Andrea Loigman, Duke University
  • Carl Piraneo, PALCI
  • Clara Fehrenbach, University of Chicago
  • David Larsen, University of Chicago
  • Debra Denault, Index Data
  • Kate Wenger, Chatham University
  • Larsen, Sylvie C, University of Pennsylvania
  • Nicholas Banitt, University of Minnesota
  • Rebecca Ione Pernell, Stanford University
  • Hilary Thorsen, Stanford University