Certified Service Providers

Want to offer ReShare services to libraries? Join our Certified Service Providers Program.

Certified Service Providers (CSPs) are Project ReShare commercial members who are approved by the ReShare Steering Committee as trusted providers and community contributors.

These organizations have demonstrated expertise and a significant community effort to support ReShare’s open technologies through community leadership, in-kind contributions, and financial support.

CSPs contribute a minimum number of hours of in-kind community contribution annually, as well as a flat annual fee toward support of community infrastructure.

Certified Service Providers are committed to:

  • Open and transparent pricing;
  • Caps on annual increases;
  • Use of open standards and protocols;
  • Participation in leadership roles and contributions of ReShare code to the Community; and
  • Excellent service to ReShare customers.

Contact info@projectreshare.org for interest in the Certified Service Providers Program.