Election Results for Steering Committee

New At-Large Members

Thanks to the participation of the Project ReShare community, we elected new at-large members to the Steering Committee.

Congratulations to Adam Murray — Executive Director of Marmot Library Network — and Boaz Nadav Manes — University Librarian, Lehigh University —  for their election to the Steering Committee. In addition, Scott Anderson — Information Systems Librarian, Millersville University — will be joining as an ex officio member.

Each new Steering Committee member brings years of experience and will provide valuable insight in the development of Project ReShare, both as a suite of products and a community. We thank all three for their willingness to serve on the Steering Committee.

“I believe that I can bring a valuable perspective to the Project ReShare Steering Committee, one that encompasses the academic and public library worlds, the economic disparities within those worlds, and the role consortia can play in innovation that helps lift all libraries together.”

Adam Murray, Marmot Library Network

“I strongly believe that especially at this time and in this climate, ambitious and collaborative infrastructure projects such as Project ReShare can assist our users to keep our society better informed, safe, and more equitable.”

Boaz Nadav-Manes, Lehigh University

“The library community is in need of a robust, low threshold, flexible and open solution to address effective, efficient and innovative resource sharing amongst participating organizations (not just libraries) in the future. Project ReShare represents that future.”

Scott Anderson, Millersville University

Elected Officers

In addition to electing new at-large members, the Steering Committee elected new officers in the positions of:

  • Chair, Tim McGeary, Duke University
  • Chair-Elect, Nora Dethloff, GWLA
  • Secretary, Adam Murray, Marmot Library Network

Jill Morris — Executive Director of PALCI — will serve as Past Chair. Jill’s commitment and contributions were instrumental in the creation of Project ReShare. Under her leadership, ReShare grew into a sustainable and dynamic community with a structure to continue bringing together more organizations that seek to transform the resource sharing landscape. Thanks to Jill for all of her hard work and steadfast leadership since the foundation of Project ReShare, and we look forward to benefiting from her expertise in your continued role on the Steering Committee.

Thanks also to the Nominating Committee for its stewardship of this election.

  • Emily Decker, University of Alabama
  • Nora Dethloff, GWLA
  • Kelly Farrell, TRLN
  • Hilary Fredette, West Virginia University (Nominating Committee convener)
  • Brian Lin, The Alberta Library
  • Jill Morris, PALCI

Contact info@projectreshare.org with any questions.