Project ReShare Announces Town Hall Meeting and Software Demonstration at ALA Midwinter

Sunday, January 26, 1-3pm, PHL Convention Center, Room 104AB
ReShare Town Hall @ ALA-MW
Join Project Leaders for a demonstration of ReShare's first demonstration software release. ReShare logo; ALA MW Logo

For Immediate Release

January 14, 2020 – Project ReShare is pleased to announce it will hold a Town Hall event in Philadelphia, PA during the American Library Association’s Midwinter Meetings. The project’s Steering Committee invites attendees to join the meeting on Sunday, January 26 from 1:00PM – 3:00PM in Room 104AB of the Philadelphia Convention Center. 

The meeting is set to include a live demonstration of ReShare’s alpha demonstration software release, the latest updates to the project’s development roadmap, and news about preparations for the first round of implementation and library testing. Members of the Steering Committee and product management and development teams will be on hand to answer your questions and talk about ways libraries and other organizations can contribute to the project.

Seating is limited. Organizers ask those attending to please register for the event at

Questions about the event or the project may be directed to

Register for the ReShare Town Hall at ALA-MW on Sunday, January 26, from 1-3PM. Seating is limited.

About ReShare

The ReShare Community is a group of libraries, consortia, information organizations and developers, with both commercial and non-commercial interests, who came together in 2018 to create Project ReShare – a new and open approach to library resource sharing. The ReShare Community has a bold vision for building a user-centered, app-based, community-owned resource sharing platform for libraries that will set the standard for how we connect library patrons to the resources and information they require. Contact for more information.

Open Library Foundation Welcomes Project ReShare

Philadelphia – Dec 15, 2018 – The Open Library Foundation (OLF) welcomes Project ReShare to its growing portfolio of open source, library management software development communities. The OLF Board of Directors accepted the Community Charter for Project ReShare at its fall meeting.

Leading library, consortia and information organizations have come together to create Project ReShare – a new and open approach to library resource sharing systems. ReShare aims to inject new life into this space by developing an innovative, community-owned resource sharing platform.

We are very excited about the membership of ReShare in OLF. When the members and leaders of this effort were meeting at WOLFCon to get organized, the energy and vision in the room was palpable. There was a sense among participants that the time for a shared community owned and led effort in resource sharing was overdue. Sharing our resources has always been a bedrock of library services. This new effort will allow us to share not just our resources but our time, talent and expertise into the development of a resource sharing platform for the twenty-first century.” – David Carlson, Dean of University Libraries at Texas A&M University and President of the OLF Board of Directors

ReShare’s open source software will be built on OLF’s innovative services platform with a modular architecture. Its “design-first” approach puts functional ergonomics and productivity as the project’s prime development focus. Organizations using the software can adapt the system to specific local needs and experiment with new service models and integrations. Libraries and consortia will have the option to install and host the platform, or select a preferred vendor for hosting and support. ReShare’s Apache 2.0 software license encourages libraries, developers, and vendors to innovate freely.

The greatest asset of Project ReShare is its robust community. Libraries, consortia, developers, vendors, and open information advocates are collaborating with a shared vision of strengthening the health of libraries’ resource sharing ecosystem. The community’s structure and governance minimize barriers hindering innovation in current solutions, and gives equal voice to all stakeholder groups. The ReShare Community has been initiated by the active contributions of our founding Partners represented in the project’s Steering Committee: Big Ten Academic Association, Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA), Index Data, Ivy Plus Libraries, Knowledge Integration, Mozilla Foundation, Open Library Environment (OLE), Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium, Inc. (PALCI), and Triangle Research Libraries Network (TRLN).

About the Open Library Foundation

The Open Library Foundation (OLF) is a not-for-profit organization established to provide software development and collaborative infrastructure for open source project communities working to improve the effectiveness and impact of libraries. The OLF values open collaboration between libraries, library organizations, service providers, and vendors. The Open Library Foundation will ensure that the code is freely available under and Apache v2 license. For more information about the OLF, please visit

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