ReShare Non-Returnables

ReShare Non-Returnables will support the lending of articles, book chapters, and other portions of whole works that can be supplied via electronic delivery. Specific features identified for Non-Returnables include storage of print and electronic serial holdings in the Shared Inventory, copyright clearance management, and document storage and delivery. Many aspects of the existing ReShare Returnables product will be extended to support non-returnables, including load balancing algorithms, ISO 18626 messaging, and interoperability with local library management systems.


The ReShare Product Management Team has developed a set of high-level functional requirements for ReShare Non-Returnables. (PDF download)

Specific features include:

  • Create a normalized format for holdings statements
  • Support e-resources holding statement upload via spreadsheet
  • Block e-resources for lending based on criteria such as publisher, licensor, or package
  • Provide a ReShare target for use with link resolvers
  • Allow users to place book chapter requests from within discovery
  • Support storage and display of metadata elements for non-returnables on request record
  • Citation verification process
  • Check citation against local collection and route locally held articles for review
  • Search for an open access version of a requested article or chapter before sourcing it from another library
  • Track information needed to apply CONTU Guidelines
  • Allow libraries to define local alternatives to CONTU guidelines
  • Provide assessment tools to track copyright compliance over time and identify trends that suggest titles for purchase
  • Allow libraries to specify what types of materials they can supply
  • Load balancing for non-returnables
  • Consolidate requests in a short timeframe within the same journal or book to the same supplier
  • ReShare document storage for non-returnable copies
  • Automatically OCR documents that are added to ReShare
  • Provide patron access to files in ReShare document storage
  • Apply timed tokens to URLs to limit access sessions by number of sessions or time period
  • Document retention policy

Development of Reshare Non-Returnables is not yet scheduled. We will update this page with more details once a roadmap is in place.