Draft Vision, Mission, and Values, for Community Review

The ReShare Steering Committee has drafted vison, mission, and values statements for Community review. We invite feedback on these provisional statements through Friday, October 20, 2023, via this form.

Below are the drafts for review by the ReShare Community.


To serve as libraries’ competitive advantage in developing the most compelling innovation and agency in support of collections and resource sharing, while maintaining an inclusive and sustainable ecosystem that is fully accountable to its community of co-investors.


To set the standard for how libraries collaborate, partner, share resources and connect patrons to the information they require by developing user-centered, standards-based, community-driven, and community-owned library resource sharing technologies and tools.


Details of each of the five values listed below, including its definition and how it will be upheld and promoted, are available at this values overview document.

  1. Trust
  2. Community Ownership
  3. Openness and Transparency
  4. Sustainability
  5. Impact through Innovation

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