Returnables 1.2 demo, recording, and other resources from May 26 community meeting

The May 26, 2021 Project ReShare community meeting, which was open to the public, included a project update by Tim McGeary (Project ReShare Steering Committee chair), a demonstration of ReShare Returnables 1.2 and an overview of the roadmap by Kristen Wilson (Index Data Project Manager/Business Analyst), and lightning talks by Sean Cwiek (MCLS), Adam Olsen and Joel Marchesoni (Western Carolina University), Matthew Reidsma (Grand Valley State University), and Blake Graham-Henderson (MOBIUS).

As a follow-up to that meeting, which was hosted on Zoom, the following resources are now available:

Project ReShare update and roadmap (slides)

ReShare Returnables 1.2 product demo (video 1)

ReShare Returnables discussion and lightning talks (video 2)

ReShare Returnables documentation (Confluence)

ReShare Returnables tools for local testing (GitHub)

Try out ReShare Returnables with our new product demo!

Want to see the ReShare Returnables software in action? Project ReShare has launched a new product demo environment where users can browse consortial holdings and explore the process of creating and filling requests.

Because ReShare is a peer-to-peer resource sharing network, you’ll need to access multiple systems to see the environment working fully. We have provided a VuFind site where users can place requests, along with ReShare tenants for two fictional universities so that users can pass requests back and forth.

You can find more information about the demo environment at

We’ve also provided a demo script to help you get started:

For questions about the demo or to report a problem, please contact Kristen Wilson, ReShare project manager, at